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Jessica Taylor, ThM

Instructor of Bible-classes.com

Jessica Taylor has taught Bible classes in a variety of venues, including BSF International (Teaching Leader), The Lay Institute of Dallas Theological Seminary, Womenary, and iCampus of Lake Pointe Church in Rockwall, Texas. Jessica graduated from Dallas Theological Seminary (2012) with a Master of Theology (ThM) in Bible Exposition. She is presently working on her PhD in Old Testament studies at Dallas Theological Seminary where she tutors students in Hebrew. She received the DTS Manke Memorial Award (Fall 2020; Spring 2021) for proficiency in Biblical Hebrew. She presently  teaches Logic and Theology to high school students at Providence Academy.

Jessica has studied abroad in the Bible lands and incorporates photos to bring the text to life in its original setting. Jessica lives in Texas with Mark, her high school sweetheart and husband of 34-years. They have three daughters, Carly, Ashton, and Shelby, and sons-in-law, Mark, Alex, and Nick. Jessica's passion is to glorify God through the ministry of His Word and the gospel of His Son. She offers these studies as a gift to anyone who is hungry for in-depth study of the Bible.

The vision of Bible-classes.com is to glorify God by bringing seminary-level Bible and theological instruction to students in their homes and offices. The Bible courses are offered at no cost or obligation to students. All are welcome to freely participate. Registration is not required.

Simply select a course and complete the sessions at your own pace. Each session includes downloadable study questions designed to facilitate meaningful interaction with the biblical text.

After completing the session's study questions, listen as Jessica discusses the Bible passage within its original grammatical, historical, geographical, archaeological, and literary context. The Bible comes to life through the use of maps, photos of the Bible lands, graphics, and illustrations of the text. May God bless you as His words become the joy and delight of your heart. 


"When we take the time to study in-depth, God’s word, our understanding of and relationship with Him grows. Life change inevitably happens.  This has been my experience with each of the studies I’ve attended taught by Jessica. I had a very specific prayer years ago, to be better equipped to teach from the Bible. He had a very specific answer; I was to first, to come to a fuller understanding of who He is and of the value of the written word. He has corrected and molded me in many ways and continues to do.  God has, through Jessica, trained me and continues to train me. I am forever thankful to the Father for that very specific answer to prayer and thank you Jessica for your willingness to share your talent of teaching and training, directly from the word and always to the glory of God."


"I have done the revelation study and Daniel study with you. I have never learned so much in a bible study! I’m hoping that you do another one soon!"


"Thank you Jessica for this noble initiative in the body of Christ. May the Lord bless you for reaching those who are at the far end of the earth."


"Jessica is a great teacher!!"


"Jessica you are the best teacher that I have ever had. Sometimes I go back to watch the video so I can take more notes for myself. But you are Amazing in your teaching. I am so Blessed that God put me in your path. You are a blessing. Can’t wait for the next one for sure."


"Thank you so much for the work you did to help our understanding.  Great study and I loved that you let the Bible translate itself."


"Thank you Jessica I will have an opportunity to revised the lessons again. God bless you!"


"Thank you Jessica Taylor for revealing the Messiah through this study. Personally have benefitted a lot and the Word has become crystal clear. May the Lord remember your labour of love to His people. God richly bless you in Jesus name."


 "Thank you Jessica for all the work you put into helping all of us understand and learn about our Bible."


" My husband and I love your bible study classes Jessica. You bring clarity and understanding of all aspects to scripture by providing location, timeframe and historical perspective to each book and chapter. God bless you for bringing scriptures to life for us. We look forward to your next study."


I am constantly blessed by Jessica's bible studies. I am so thankful to have found them online, making it easier to attend each lesson without having to leave home. It's like being there sharing with a group, you are able to interact,and see others. Jessica goes through each verse, line by line, bringing understanding by injecting historical context. She shares maps, etc, to help bring awareness of location and she references different points in the Bible to confirm prophecy. She also gives homework prior to each lesson which further deepens and enhances your learning experience. I thank God for giving her this gift to strengthen our faith and trust in Him through the teaching of His word.


"I feel  so privileged and  happy to participate in the online study of Messiah.  I had a great Holiday season but the best present was your email.

Looking forward to  your teaching of the Messianic Predictions in the Old Testament."


"Thank you so much for making these available! I always learn so much from your classes."


"Jessica, you certainly have the gift of teaching! I have learned so much from the Romans, Revelations & now Daniel studies. I have enjoyed doing these studies online because I can stop the video and write down my thoughts and any info that I want to include with my notes. I have grown more in my understanding of who God is and how that impacts my life. I appreciate all the work that you do to prepare these lessons and thank God that I get the opportunity to do these studies with you. Any future studies, are truly gifts from heaven.   "


 "I highly recommend Jessica Taylor's Bible Studies.  I have taken five of them.  It is obvious she has done a lot of preparation, but makes the studies easy to understand.  She gives opportunities for questions if you want to ask.  She obviously loves her work and her students.  I hope to study all the books of the Bible with her."


"Jessica, God truly blessed me when He led me to your online Bible Studies. I have learned so much from you. The study of Revelation, followed by Daniel, helped me to understand the sequence of End Times knowing that these events will happen just as God has told us. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with all of us."


"Thank you Jessica for your devotion to be our teacher and to pray for all of us. Again, thank you and God bless you and your family!"


"I have learned so much from each of the studies Jessica has taught. God is faithful, and when we take the time to study His word in-depth He reveals Himself in our lives. Thank you Father for Your living, written word and thank you Jessica for teaching directly from the word and always to the glory of God."



Questions, comments, or prayer requests will be answered by staff and kept confidential. Let us know what challenges, convicts, comforts, or confuses you about the study. Feel free to share what you are learning about God and how this study is impacting your journey of faith.

We look forward to hearing from you.

To God be the glory, forever and always.

"Pray without ceasing" (1Thess 5:17)